With misterPLANTER Designs®, you can guarantee care. There is a bit of creative spirit that goes into each of our designs. No two greenscapes are ever the exact same. To us, design is careful, but unplanned and never exact.

In our local area, we offer our PlantLife+ Plan, ensuring a routine care plan that we maintain, for each plant covered in the plan.

We are proud to call the Upstate of South Carolina our home! Greenville is a beautiful place that inspires us each day. With an eye for design and natural elements of patterned growth, we can scale any room; from a powder room, to a grand ballroom and beyond.

We offer residential and commercial PlantLife+ Plans for existing and new plantscapes. We also offer seasonal, routine, or continual container gardens, window boxes, and beyond for clients of all size. 

We also offer our PlantLife+ Plan; a complete maintenance guarantee on all of your plantscapes enrolled in our plan. Each plan is a customized routine of care, nutrients, and watering schedule to keep your investment healthy, happy, and vibrant.

We also offer custom floral arrangements on a commissioned basis. If you are interested in commissioning a floral, please reach out to us!

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A Green Thumb

Green is our reward! We love being able to share our love of all things green with you!

Check out our Tips ‘N’ Tricks section to get helpful ideas to keep your plants thriving!

Residential Outdoor greenscapes

We can transform any outdoor area into a peaceful xen, or entertainment space. We have much experience in outdoor plantscape designs and lend an eye for design and expertise that is unmatched.

Indoor Plantscape

This is our juice! We love designing minimalistic containers for various settings. Ask for a quote if you are interested in commissioning a piece.

Get PlantLife+ To Care For Your Plants

With PlantLife+, we will care for your plants on a continual basis.

For commercial or home, we will design a plan to keep your green life healthy, vibrant, and thriving!

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